By placing an order you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as stated below:

Minimum Order Price for Delivery - Minimum order for delivery of fireworks and Ice Fountains is 200 inc. vat (but not including the carriage charge) This price is based on a regular address in a regular town, if you live off the beaten path or require a specialised vehicle to get to your address be prepared for a higher price. We do not make any money from the delivery charge, and we heavily subsidise the majority! This is not Amazon, we cannot get your fireworks to you in 6 hours for free - we are bound by law to ship them with specialist couriers who have explosives insurance and training. If you can, come to the showroom - we always make you glad you came!

VAT - All our prices, except Professionally Fired Displays or where stated, are inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20%.

Delivered Orders - Full payment is required upon receipt of order - unfortunately NO delivered order can be processed without full payment. Cash on delivery is possible on some local deliveries but only by prior consent and not at our busy time unless it is a large order of over 2000 in value. Unpaid orders will not be packed, saved or shipped under any circumstances.

Collected Orders - Full payment is required to guarantee stock availability on all orders including orders for future collection. Please do not pay online if you intend to collect the same day as this breaks the Mail Order Rules for allowing 24 hours between payment via mail order and collection in person. If you are unsure please place the order and choose the "Pay Later" option and we will call you right away. If you already paid but want to collect now we will refund you 100% but you will have to pay with cash when you come to collect. It is unfortunate that the rare dishonest types spoil it for the rest of you, but we know you understand.

Special Offers/Mega Deals - Orders which include any monthly special offers from this website must be paid for, in full, to complete the order. All items listed under "Special Offers" or "Mega Deal" will return to their original retail price at the end of that specific period. Website special offers do not qualify for the Oct/Nov/Dec early order discount scheme. Internet only offers are based on you, the customer, placing (or attempting to place) an order online. Internet offers are non transferable and cannot be used in conjuction with any other offers online, instore or in our catalogue.

Delivery Service - We charge 20 for delivery of ALL firework orders. We heavily subsidise this charge on your behalf as we can only use specialist carrier firms to transport fireworks to you. All paid orders are shipped as soon as we have confirmed your order details with you. Our out of season turnaround time from receiving your paid order to shipping the order is generally 24 hours. If you are ordering fireworks for an event in the future please let us know and we will pack and store your order, free of charge, then ship it nearer to the date you require it. If you are placing an urgent order please contact us so we can speed things up for you. We do not provide a set date for delivery but we will tell you when we are shipping them and the estimated date for delivery. Normally an order shipped on Monday will be with you by Friday that same week - this does not apply to remote or obscure addresses! We can offer all types of delivery, same day/overnight/timed/Saturday - please contact our offices for an immediate quotation, and make sure you are sat down as it will be expensive! We can only ship to the verified address on your Paypal account unless you have had confirmation from one of the staff that an alternative delivery address is OK. This is Paypal's rule and we have to follow their guidelines to protect ourselves from attempted fraud. Please note, we always report scammers to the Police and we record all calls for training and monitoring. Please do not try to scam us using the internet either as we also pass on your IP address to the Police.

PLEASE NOTE:We cannot ship any fireworks order until we have confirmed your delivery details AND an alternative place to leave the fireworks if you are not home.There is a minimum re-delivery charge of 40 plus VAT per order, this is not controlled by GNF but by the carriers. If you are not home when we attempt to deliver your order we will contact you for payment prior to attempting delivery again. If you choose to cancel your order there is a restocking charge of 20% of your invoice total payable. This will be deducted from your refund amount after the FULL delivery cost is removed.

Substitutions - We reserve the right to make any substitutions to the same or higher value if required. We use suitable substitutions so as not to effect your display.

Shortage in order - Any claims for shortages must be notified to us, in writing, within 5 days of reciept of the goods.

Under 18 Law - Fireworks can only be sold to persons eighteen years of age or over. No exceptions. At all. Under 18's cannot hold, carry or light fireworks except sparklers with adult supervision. Under 18's cannot place firework orders, please do not allow your children to do so. We contact ALL customers by telephone, prior to delivery, to confirm age etc, please do not be offended by this! We do not sell fireworks to anyone we feel is not safe to use them, even if they are old enough. We will not supply you with any firework that is too big for your garden, for your own safety!

Consequential Loss - No consequential losses arising from the use of any products will be accepted.

Sale or Return - We regret that under no circumstances can goods be supplied on a sale or return basis. That includes returning fireworks because it rained on the night of your display! We will not accept any items back for resale - at all.

Refunds with Paypal - If you have paid for your order via Paypal and now require a refund you will be liable for any charges incurred, as stated in Paypals terms and conditions, and this includes the initial 3.4% fee of your total transaction. If we have to refund your order due to a mistake on our part or the minimum delivered order value was below 200 we will refund 100% of all monies paid. We can only refund directly back to the same Paypal account in this situation and would issue you with a cheque or credit note if we are not at fault.

Returning Fireworks - The majority of firework orders are unique to each customer and classed as "bespoke" but, where applicable, the company complies with the Consumer Protection (distance selling) regulations 2000, in that it offers a seven day cancellation period from the date the goods were received by the customer. In the event of cancellation the customer must inform us in writing to our Leeds address, the company will then notify the customer of how and when the goods are to be collected. A charge will be made to the customer equal to the cost to GNF of recovering the goods back to our premises. This charge will range from 50 upwards

Fireworks are hazardous goods and as such can only be be returned to us by SPECIALIST carrier - NOT VIA THE POST!

Complaints - We hope all our fireworks perform as described and we welcome your feedback, positive and negative but telling us in October that the "firework" you bought this time last year didn't go off is no good! Tell us the day after it didn't go off and we can do something to help! Please note that claims for faulty fireworks can only be entertained when the problem is brought to our attention and subsequently the item is returned back to ourselves. (unless we instruct you otherwise)

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