If you are looking for a really big, heavy duty, GNF made DIY display kit then these pages are for you!

We’ve designed these brutes using only the largest fireworks from our range and you can be sure of your display having that professional feel. Ideally suited to the needs of large venues with big crowds, such as the local sports clubs, parish councils and corporate displays, these kits will provide you with a mammoth display.

Each pack is supplied with full instructions, rocket launching tubes, firework safety goggles and portfires (firework lighters)

We can tailor any of these kits to suit your individual needs e.g. More aerial effects for concerts and large gatherings, less noise for big village displays or chest heaving amounts of noise for football clubs! If you would like to order a specific type of kit then please do so before the middle of September to guarantee your own personal selection. October is definitely too late!

1x Smiley Face
1x Silver Volcano
2x Crazy Cone
2x Tricano
2x Halo Wheel
1x Fiery Eye
1x Brocade Parade
1x Crackling Parade
1x Blue Parade
1x Illusion
2x Pulse Mine
2x Vibe Mine
2x Shockwave Mine
1x Knockout
1x Bird Of Prey
1x Magic Dragon
1x King Of Palms
2x Wave Willow
2x Angel Dust
2x Imperial Blink
1x Conqueror
1x Kamikaze Kamuro
1x King Willow
2x Harry Popper
1x The Timewarp
1x The Tempest
1x Hurricane Blitz
1x Purple Rain
1x Blazing Storm
1x 3 Strikes Willow
1x Soaring Eagle
1x Wolf Pack
1x Minotaur
1x Top Gun 3 Pack
1x Vortex Volley
1x Spartan
1x Colossus

12x Skyburst
5x Power Shells
6x Shell Head
4x Super Show
4x Mega 2000
8x Xtreme

Safety Items:
30x Portfires
2x Safety Goggles
2x Safety Instructions
2x Firework Poster

Please note: We do not display this kit in our showroom due to space. Please give us a call to Pre-order before collecting. This does not apply to orders been delivered via our mail order service!

Contents may differ slightly from photograph. Items unavailable will be substituted with similar items of the same or higher value.

Reduced from £ 1820.00

HOT DEAL - YOU SAVE £320.00!

Price £1500.00


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