Why not add some extra oomph to your Professional Operator Fired Display...


Start Button - £25
You get to start your firework display in style, at the touch
of a button! Perfect for the newly married couple to press
together or as a surprise for your adrenaline junkie partner!

Heart Shell Quartet - £60
A must for wedding shows to add a truly romantic touch.
Four huge 100mm shells burst into red glittering hearts.
Definately the most spectacular way to say “I Love You”

10 Shell Special - £70
Add a chunk of wow with these ten big 75mm cylinder
shells. Various awesome colours and effects are available
to choose from or let us coordinate them into your show.

Trio of Monster Shells - £60
All three massive 125mm shells are fired together, totally
filling the sky and leaving you breathless. Lots of colours
and effects to choose from or leave it to us to coordinate!

Monster 150mm Finale Shell - £40
An absolutely gigantic shell to finish your show in style.
Choice of colours and effects, all producing a massive
shellburst in the sky. A great way to end a great day.

The Ultimate Shell Duo - £70
The biggest shells create the biggest impression and
this pair of 150mm brutes will give your firework
display the finale of your dreams. Various colours and
effects available, please ask for details when booking.

These extra's are only available to people who are booking or have booked us to fire a professional display for them.


Price £25.00


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