Gold 5" Pro Style Mine
BEST SELLER IN 2017 Dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 30 cm Height: +/- 30 m....
Crackling 5
BEST SELLER IN 2017! Dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 30 cm Height: +/- 30 ....
Willow Time Cake No.2
OUT OF STOCK BEST SELLER IN 2017! Firing gold glittering tails t....
Willow Time Cake No.1
OUT OF STOCK BEST SELLER IN 2017! Brother of our famous Wave Wil....
Monster Claw
Great for Halloween! This firework was a winner in 2017, it fires h....
Professional 10m Fountain
A fountain like no other... Massive, bright, massive and not your o....
Mixed Emotion - Blinking Super Crown
BEST SELLER IN 2017! Large bore salvo from the Mixed Emotions famil....
Mixed Emotion - Bright Sky
Massive display, professional quality and a must have! Multi colour....
Mixed Emotion - Sunflower
NEW & EXCLUSIVE FOR 2017/18 Another classic of the future, the Sunfl....
Mixed Emotion - Double Crown
BEST SELLER IN 2017! Probably somehow related to an Egyptian Pharao....
Krazy Clock
A must for any Birthday Party! Great in the daytime, brill at night! ....
Palme di Cielo
Exotic by name and by nature, translates “Palms to the Sky” Firing thi....
Willow Time Cake Pack
OUT OF STOCK BEST SELLER IN 2017! Cake 1. Brocade pine tails wit....
King Willow
BEST SELLING FIREWORK in 2017 Number of shots: 35 Dimensions: 15 x....
Lotus Flower
A firework like you have never seen before (unless you've been to Chin....
Zombie Party
A weird combination of greens, reds, yellow, gold glitter and noise ma....
Odin's Feast
Number of shots: 25 Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 17.5 cm Height: +/- 25 m ....
A Zombie with one eye who clearly had good taste, this multi angle cak....
Trillion Blinks
BEST SELLER IN 2017! A pretty name for a big noise and a big displa....
Beautiful, big and a brilliant display with incredible sound effects! ....
Number of shots: 20 Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 22cm Height: +/- 35 m Dur....
Sky Hunter
BEST SELLER IN 2017! This brute fires out huge blind comets that br....
Vortex Volley
OUT OF STOCK One of our favorite fireworks and often used with grea....
Firing volleys of screeching devils flutes, rapid fire columns of glit....
Kamuro Night
OUT OF STOCK This is one of the most visually beautiful fireworks ....
Huge mines from this AWESOME shell cake starting with blood red and ti....
Berzerk Tribe
Number of shots: 24 Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 23.5 cm Height +/- 20 m D....
This stunning combination firing barrage starts with huge wave willow ....
Trillion Blinks 3 Pack
Can you handle firing all three at once? Not for the faint hearted... ....
Mixed Emotions 4 Cake Pack
Massive display, professional quality and a must have! Number of sh....
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